Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

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Bleeding Heart is known as a classic in the perennial world and a timeless favorite by botanists, the bleeding heart offers distinctive heart-shaped blooms with long narrow stems and delicately structured drooping buds.

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Bleeding Heart - Dicentra spectabilis

Bleeding heart, D. spectabilis, produces highly recognizable blooms in a pink shade with pale pink or white highlights through the center of the blossom. The bleeding heart, D. spectabilis blossoms range in shade from pink, red, white/red to white. Being an eastern United States native, the Bleeding heart derives from a shady woodland environment, optimal light conditions require shade or part sun exposure. The height of the Bleeding heart ranges from 6 inches to 3 feet and requires consistently moist, well-drained neutral soil (pH near 7.0)- will flourish optimally in plant hardiness zones 3 to 9. The bleeding heart grows fast (quick to sprout in springtime) and sprouts soon after dormancy, a plant highly favored by beginners because of its rapid growth. Dicentra spectabilis should be spaced properly for outdoor planting, 14" to 18" apart for optimum spread- also makes an excellent indoor potted plant.

The Dicentra spectabilis is loathed by deer, so it is a popular option for locations where deer live. A known "deer-resistant" plant, it is often used by wary gardeners as a deer control method- gambling that deer will ignore a garden mostly full of deer-resistant plants. Aptly named, the blooms of the bleeding heart are exotic, gorgeous and have been memorialized in eternity through art, sculpture, and music. The hanging blossoms form a pink nest of heart-shaped flowers, each with a tinge of palest pink-white accenting the center. "Dripping" out of the bottom of each flower, similar to a drop of blood, is a dainty tear shaped formation- rendering the buds of the bleeding heart to appear ornamental, delicately suspended like jewels on a chandelier. The branches are a reddish brown shade with leaves that are slightly blue-green toned or carry light gold undertones. Bleeding heart is a great perennial to add to anyone's garden.