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Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes

Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes

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Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes Adds Beauty


The Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes is often referred to as either a larger shrub or small tree.

It has eye-catching snowy white clustered flowers that are prevalent in the spring. This is a welcome sight after a long cold winter in its native areas of the eastern and midwestern parts of the United States.


The Latin name for the black haw viburnum is viburnum prunifolium, which is part of the Adoxaceae family. It is a deciduous plant and is part of the Elderberry family. Other names that have been associated with this shrub are stag bush, sweethaw, blackhaw, and black-haw.

Summer and fall

When the weather starts to heat up, the black haw viburnum will lose its white flowers and take on beautiful green oval leaves that turn red in the fall. Dark blue fruit appears on the branches of the black haw as the summer comes to an end. The berries can be eaten and are often used for medicinal purposes.


Gardeners find the black haw viburnum a great addition to their yards. They make wonderful hedges or windbreaks because of their sturdiness. The black haw mature height is 12-15 feet tall with an 8-10 foot spread. The rate of growth is rated as slow to medium but can grow 12-24 inches per year. They can be left to grow naturally as a multi-branched round shaped shrub or trimmed and trained as a small tree.


The black haw is placed in the Hardiness Zone 3-9, making it a good candidate for cold areas of the country. For optimal growth, they need to be planted in a moist well-drained soil. They do best when placed in full to partial sun. They are very adaptable and do well in most areas.

Birds and Butterflies

The flowers on the black haw attract a wide array of birds and butterflies. It provides both food and shelter for them throughout the year. The black haw viburnum adds a special touch of elegance to any landscape.
Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes