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Black Willow Tree

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Black willow trees grow in wetland areas.

Hardy Planting Zone- Black Willow trees will grow virtually anywhere, but they thrive best in USDA growing zones 3 through 9 

Bloom Season - Black Willow bloom during early to mid-spring (March & April

Bloom Color -During the bloom season, the flowers on Black Willow trees will appear in small (1-2 inch) cylindrical capsules (catkins), displaying their yellowish-green color

Height at Maturity - The Black Willow tree grows anywhere between 30 & 60 feet tall at maturity.

 (though they will stop growing early without proper root space), The width of their branch spread is usually almost equivalent to its height, and their trunks usually have a diameter of about 14 inches

Soil Type Preferred- Black Willow trees can grow in any soil (acidic, neutral, and alkaline), but they grow best in soils where moisture is prevalent and areas where drought is not. 

Sun or Shade - Although they can grow virtually anywhere in the United States, Black Willows will do best growing in areas with direct sun and partial shade.


Black Willow trees are North American deciduous trees characterized by their dark brown bark, hence the name. 

They can be found as far north as Ontario, Canada, and as far south as Texas and are pretty standard. 

Low maintenance and reasonably easy to care for provide people with shade and many animals with food. 

Their flowers are usually one of the first to provide bees with nectar and pollen following the end of their hibernation. In addition to that, their leaves provide domestic grazing animals and elk and beavers with an abundant food source.

 Growing faster than most trees, they can add up to 4 feet in height per year and stop growing between 30 & 60 feet though sometimes they'll stop around ten if there isn't enough root space. As they grow, their branches and leaves spread as wide as the tree is tall, displaying a thick covering of yellow and green leaves.

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