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Black Willow Live Stakes

Black Willow Live Stakes

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Black Willow Live Stakes is a rather small tree occasionally growing  to heights of sixty feet. The leaves are elongated form of oval, with a bright green color.

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Black Willow Live Stakes is a rather small tree occasionally growing to heights of sixty feet.

Some rare cases, specimens have been found growing up to heights of one hundred and forty feet. The leaves are an elongated form of an oval, with a bright green color. The trunk itself can for as a single trunk but usually forms into multiple trunks towards the crown. The buds are small and red/brown. Male flowers come in the form of catkins. The seeds when fully mature are brown with small tufts of fiber around them. The name of the tree is because of the barks color, the color is extremely dark and cracked. The Tree is also named swamp willow.

This tree can be found growing in large amounts near lakes and rivers, as well as swamps.

These trees are pioneer trees and will grow first in a new area, later to be replaced by other trees. It is the only willow that attains a large enough size to be used commercially usually. This tree is used in wicker baskets due too it's strong, yet, light and flexible wood.  The tree was used by Indians to make a scarlet dye. As well as it is still used in the creation of gunpowder. In the fall months, the leaves turn a bright yellow color. There are one hundred kinds of willow trees within North America, and many of them are hard to distinguish from the others. It has been used for the creation of toys for hundreds of years until the production of modern plastics. The Roots are bitter but are used to create a remedy for pain and headaches

Climate Zone: 3 to 9

Mature Height: 60 to 100 feet

Mature Width: 20 - 60 feet

Sunlight: partial and full sun

Soil Conditions: Moist, Poorly drained soils.

Black Willow Live Stakes Ships As: Bareroot Plant