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Black Raspberry

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Black raspberries produce a delicious edible berry.


Black raspberries are a variety close to red raspberries that are native to North America. 

Despite their name, black raspberries are not considered to be berries. They are classified as aggregate fruit made up of tiny bumps, also known as drupelets.

  Black raspberries resemble blackberries in appearance but differ in several ways. Black raspberries have a short growing season, while blackberries can be produced throughout the year in many areas. Also, black raspberries have a hollow center when they are picked. Blackberries will have a white or green core when they are picked from the stem.

  Red raspberries differ from black raspberries in that black raspberries are higher in antioxidants. Black raspberries also grow in only certain regions, while red raspberries can grow almost anywhere in North America. Red raspberries are typically found in almost any grocery store. However, black raspberries are usually not found in stores and are more often used to make dietary supplements.

Black raspberries grow best in USDA zones five through eight. 

In some cases, they may be grown in zone four. However, they must be planted on a northern slope to protect from frost. They begin to produce fruit in early June, and the berries will only last for about two to three weeks. Black raspberries usually ripen before red raspberries.

  They will first appear as a bright red color. You will know when black raspberries are ready to pick as they will have turned completely black. Black raspberry bushes grow to be about two to four feet high. They have thorns and can be used as security plants in front of home windows. They do not prefer wet, soggy soil and grow better in well-drained areas. They also grow much better when exposed to full sun and can even bounce back in most drought situations.

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