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Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

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Black Raspberry plants are not very hardy plants and require mild to warm environments to grow. Cold weather can lead to plant damage or death of the plant.

They bloom their best in either full sun or partially shaded areas in extremely hot climates. These bushes are self-pollinating which means one plant can produce fruit. Black Raspberry plant will be great for the garden and will make an excellent addition to a lawn. A homeowner will enjoy the fruit that this great plant will produce. It can grow to become 6 to 9 feet by 4 to 5 feet wide. It grows at a rate of 6 feet per year, and it will be available to provide those great tasting berries in a very short time. The Raspberry can become great in all types of soil conditions and can adapt very well to a wide variety of soils. It will also thrive and love to grow in areas and gardens that give full sunlight.  The Black Raspberry is great because it will not take any care to get it to grow as long as it has full sun and plenty of water. The berries on this plant can be a purplish color to a dark purple. They grow along roadsides or the wild. These seeds are harvested to use in pies, cobblers and are also used to can jams and jellies to enjoy later when the berries are all gone until the next time. Most of the Raspberries grow in the United States and is very abundant during the summer months of the year. These seeds are usually available during the summer and will have lots of small white flowers to be enjoyed before it starts to grow those delicious berries to enjoy. These are a great snack to eat right off of the vine when they become. USDA Climate Zone - 6 - 10 Tree Height: 6 - 9 feet Tree Width: 4 - 5 feet Growth/Year: 5 - 6 feet Soil Type: loamy, gravelly, acidic Sun: Full Sun
Black Raspberry Ships As: Bareroot Plant