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Black Oak Tree

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 Black Oak Tree are surprisingly a part of the red oak family.

Hardy Planting Zone- Plant in zones 3-9 for best growth.

 Bloom Season - Spring.

 Bloom Color - Red or yellowish-green.

 Height at Maturity - 50-60 feet.

 Soil Type Preferred- Prefers acidic, moist soil.

 Sun or Shade - Full or partial sun exposure.

The black oak is a rustic and massive tree fit for wide-open spaces and landscapes with its iconic thick black bark.

 At first glance, the black oak can seem intimidating and unruly, but the velvety leaves changing from yellow and orange in the fall to red and glossy green in the spring and summer is a unique addition to any gardening plan. The black oak grows tall and wide, so be sure to find an expansive area for the sapling to grow that gets at least six hours of full sun daily as it will not tolerate shade well. Adaptable to most soil types, including dry or rocky, the black will thrive in most environments. Best used for parkways or streets, the canopy of the black oak will provide a gentle shade in the spring and summer and a colorful display in the fall.

  After maturing, the black oak produces acorns with a fringed 1top that is bitter to taste but often enjoyed by many songbirds, game birds, raccoons, and deer. A black oak will bring about native small mammals and songbirds for parks and those who enjoy bird watching.

  The black oak tree, commonly found in the eastern and central deciduous forests, is the perfect shade tree for any park or large landscape because of its irregular round crown.

 It can survive for upwards of 200 years if properly cared for and hold firm with its deep lateral roots. While not as common as the red oak, the black is a stately shade tree that helps feel local wildlife.

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