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Black Haw Viburnum

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Black Haw Viburnum grows best when planted in hardy zones 3-9

Hardy Planting Zone – USDA zones 3 through 9 

Bloom Season – April, May

Bloom Color – White

Height at Maturity – 12 to 36 feet

Soil Type Preferred – Moist

Sun or Shade – Full sun, part shade


Black haw viburnum is a large shrub with copper-colored leaves and white flat-topped flowers that emerge during the spring season. 

 It has black fruits that add contrast and beauty to the pink and red foliage during the fall season. This native bush is usually found in Chicago and other areas throughout the United States. 

 This shrub measures 8 to 12 feet wide and can grow as high as 36 feet. It easily adapts to most environments such as sun, shade, dry, or wet. This beautiful shrub is most commonly found in forest edges and woods. 

 It provides shelter and food to a variety of bird species. 

The leaves grow up to 3” to 4” inches long and have an oval to narrow shape that features serrated edges. The tip of the leaf is pointed. The smooth upper surface of the leaf is a medium green tone, and the underside has a lighter shade of green. During the fall season, the leaves naturally turn a purple-red color. 

 The dainty white flowers have a flat top and exude a light fragrance. During the winter, the flower buds are more significant than the summer and feature a pink tone towards the end of the stems. 

 Black haw viburnum is a cultivar of a species that originates in the Chicago region. This bush was produced in cultivation via selective vegetation propagation or breeding from wild plants. 

 Landscape uses include mixed border, specimen, and massing. The creamy white color of the flowers brightens up any landscaping design, garden, or yard. This unique shrub thrives in full sun and partial shade. 

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