Black Gum Tree

Black Gum Tree

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Common Name/ Latin Name- Nyssa sylvatica Hardy Planting Zones- Eastern U.S /native to Kentucky Mature Height- 30 to 50 feet Mature Width- 20 to 30 feet

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Black Gum Tree
The Black Gum Tree can grow upwards of 115 feet tall but rarely does. It's more common height is that of around 60-80 feet tall. It has a light to medium dark colored bark and leaves that turn a scarlet red or almost purplish color during the fall season as they begin to fall.

Black Gum Tree can have a spread of up to sixty feet when it is fully developed. This tree is also found growing best in clay-like soils and full sunlight, this tree cannot handle excessive shade. When the tree is young, it has dark grey, slightly flaky bark, but as this tree ages the bark becomes thick and dark, resembling alligator skins. Black Gum trees foliage is thick and dark as well, with much darker leaves than other trees have. These leaves of the tree are oval shaped usually. This tree flowers in the springtime months with small green-white flowers that from along a tall stem. These flowers are a crucial food source for many pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that feed on the flowers nectar during blooming season. The fruit is a black-blue color and is a highly coveted fruit for birds. This gum tree is native to North America and can be found growing in the hardwood forests of the eastern portion. This tree prefers moist lands and can frequently be found growing near swamps and wetlands. This tree also prefers acidic soils to grow in. This tree is also used in nest building for a large variety of birds, rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and even honey bees. The wood is valued for being hard and cross grained making it exceptionally reliable and valuable for items that go under extreme daily stress.

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