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Black Cohosh

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Black Cohosh plant is a woodland perrennial.

Black cohosh, also known as Squaw root, is a woodland perennial and yields tiny white flowers in the spring. 

Some plants have green or vibrant yellow flowers. 

The plant needs full shade to grow and is ideal for hardiness zones 3-9.

 The leaves are a bright green shade and can grow as high as 32 inches at maturity. The plant also yields dark blueberries that don't ripen until the start of autumn. Black cohosh is a beautiful border plant for patios, driveways, and walkways and makes a beautiful addition to your flower bed. Its leaves are a rich green hue that contrasts nicely against the lighter-colored flowers. Black cohosh looks great against flowers with vivid flowers and adds more shape and texture to the garden space. The plant is native to the eastern region of North America.

  Black cohosh also goes by the name of Blue cohosh because it treats female reproductive and hormonal issues. The fruit of the plant is used for medicinal purposes and can help with bloating, night sweats, cramping, and hot flashes. Native Americans initially used blue cohosh for contraception, but the plant is mainly used to maintain overall female health in modern times. 

  Since cohosh is a woodland plant, the soil should be clay, loam, or sandy. However, the soil should be fertile and full of nutrients for black cohosh to thrive and yield flowers every spring. The plant is also somewhat tolerant of drought but keeps the soil moderately moist for best results. You can also use black cohosh as a natural insect repellent in your garden. Insects don't like the smell of the plant. However, the Spring Azure butterfly is drawn to cohosh, and this can make your garden a visually appealing and relaxing space. 

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