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Black Chokeberry Live Stakes

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes

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Black Chokeberry Live Stakes

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes, or rather Aronia melanocarpa, is an adaptable shrub that is native to Eastern North America. It is a species of shrubs in the rose family and is found in locations throughout North America from Canada on down to central United States. It is a small to medium sized shrub with a mounded habit. The black chokeberry is a deciduous shrub that provides something of interest for each season. It displays impressive flowers in the Spring, beautiful foliage during the Summer, and edible berries and fall colors during the Autumn months. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy the afternoon as birds of many different species flock to the bushes to eat the berries. 

Hardy Plant Zone 

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes can grow well in hardy zones 3 - 8. This shrub is also native to Eastern North America. 

Mature Height 

The Black Chokeberry Live Stakes has a mature spread of three to five feet in height and three to six feet in width. The medium shrub has a mature spread of five to eight feet in height, and five to eight feet in width, and has been known to reach of the width of ten feet. 

Soil Requirements 

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes is highly adaptable to most soils. It can grow easily in sandy or clay soil as well as poorly drain to well-drained soil. It prefers a soil PH of 5.1 to 6.5, but can also tolerate a higher PH. It is also quite tolerant of salt and compacted soils. 

Growing Speed 

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes has a fast growth rate. It can grow anywhere but will produce more fruit and grow faster in high sun locations. 

Characteristics and Appearance 

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes has a little bit of something for everyone when it comes to its appearance. It grows in an upright nature and can reach a height and width of six feet or more. The shrub is mounded, multi-stemmed, and thicket-forming. The black chokeberry provides something new with each season. In the Spring clusters of delicate five-petaled white blooms with faint pink highlights appear. During the summer it fills out with its shiny, dark and glossy green leaves that catch the light. The leaves are one to three inches long and elliptical in shape. In early fall edible 1/4 to 1/2 inch berry-like fruits hang from its branches. In Autumn the foliage turns to shades of deep red, orange and purple. 

Uses in Landscaping 

The black chokeberry is ideal for mass planting in areas in need of erosion control. It also fits in well as a setting in a woodland garden, and in areas with excessively wet soil. They can be planted in a group as a low hedge or a single one for definition. They have a natural tendency to put out suckers. Gardeners utilize this by creating beautiful native gardens. It can also be used for growth in masses for their fruit cultivation. The black chokeberry has many foundations, mixed border, massing, and specimen landscaping uses. 

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes