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Black Cherry Tree - Prunus Serotina

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Black Cherry Tree - Prunus Serotina also make great shade trees because they grow up to 30 feet tall and 25 feet wide.

Black Cherry Tree-Prunus Serotina can reach heights of 60 to 90 feet

The black cherry tree is also known by its scientific name Prunus Serotina. This deciduous tree makes an attractive addition to any landscape setting. In addition to its beauty, the black cherry tree produces fruit that may attract wildlife and birds into your yard. Black cherry has also been used for its solid and sturdy wood by cabinetmakers since Colonial times. 


 Native to North America, black cherry can reach heights of 60 to 90 feet. It is characterized by its oval crown that creates a canopy of dark green leaves. The bark of this tree is an interesting texture and is light brown. If you are looking for a tree that changes colors in the fall, the black cherry is an excellent choice. During these months, it turns pretty shades of orange, red, and yellow. In addition to showy fall color, black cherry also produces purple-colored fruit loved by squirrels, foxes, birds, rabbits, and deer. 

 Black Cherry Tree is hardy in zones 3 through 9

 Black cherry is recommended for growth in USDA hardiness zones 3B to 9A. It has a relatively fast growth rate and a moderate crown density; This deciduous tree prefers partial sun, full sun, or partial shade. It requires well-drained soil such as loam, clay, acidic or alkaline. Black cherry is relatively tolerant of drought conditions and is relatively low maintenance, making it a good choice for residential landscape settings in subdivisions or rural areas. 


 There are a variety of uses for black cherry trees. Its attractive, showy appearance makes it an excellent choice for a specimen tree in any residential or commercial landscape setting. The soft white fragrant blooms it produces during the spring months are another attractive quality many people adore. Many people plant this tree around patios and outdoor decks to sit and view the wildlife and birds it brings to the yard. 



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