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Latin Name- Arundinaria gigantea Hardy Zone- 6-10 Mature Height- 1-98ft Sun Or Shade- Little Sun

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Bamboo Plants, also known as river cane. It is the most exotic plants and versatile.

The Latin name is Arundinaria, but most know it as river cane. It can grow in all regions and prefers to develop along a creek or waters edge. It can do well in full shade and does well in acidic to neutral soil. It can grow from three feet to eight feet or taller. The trunks can grow large up to 12 inches or more in diameter. It is known as an evergreen plant or a wetland plant. It has a light brown trunk with green foliage up near the top. It could be separated and regrown in other places if you cut it at the joints. They prefer to grow in colonies that are dense and thick. They are fast growers and can grow up to four feet in one day. The cane itself has many uses, building homes, boats, tools and collecting water to name a few. Bamboo furniture is another popular item. Bamboo can grow well past fifteen years. It creates lots of oxygen and when all is said and done it creates more oxygen than trees. It can grow both outside and inside.

Bamboo is often marked by their tall pole-like appearance with a hollowed out center.

Bamboo plants are among some of the fastest growing plants and can be located in various parts of Asia. These large stalk-like plants that have clusters of green leaves are found both extreme heat and cold climates as they’re fairly versatile. Some of the tallest of Bamboo plants have been known to grow over ninety-eight feet tall when left to grow in the wild, however, some plants only reach about seven feet in height. It takes roughly three to four months for one plant to grow and reach full maturity. This is also dependent on the climate and areas in which the bamboo is grown as to the actual lifespan each plan survives. As far as taking care of the plant goes, it needs at least five hours of sunlight each day, with rich soil and plenty of watering. The best way to grow one of these plants is further away from others to avoid having its nutrients taken away or overgrown by other plants and trees.

Common Name: River Cane
Scientific Name: Arundinaria gigantea
Native Region: West, Middle, East
Hardy Zones: 3 - 11
Evergreen: Yes
Ships As Bareroot Plant