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Bald Cypress Tree

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Bald Cypress Tree has one of the most extended lifespans of any tree.

Bald Cypress are hardy in zones 4 through 10

Common Name/ Latin Name- The bald cypress is also known as bald cypress or its Latin Name Taxodium distichum, which indicates that it is part of the family Cupressaceae. These trees are found worldwide, and the species numbers between 130-140 different types of trees. These trees are commonly found in Southern swamps and are known for the "knee"-like structure that their roots take. In addition to their unique, "knee" shaped roots, these trees also grow into a pyramid-type shape, which gives them a noticeable and familiar shape. The distinctive knees, however, are only seen when the trees grow in wet conditions. 


Hardy Planting Zones -This particular species is typically expected to grow and thrive in Hardiness zones 4-10. The bald cypress is traditionally found growing from New Jersey to Florida and east toward Texas and Oklahoma. 

Bald Cypress reaches heights up to 200 feet

Mature Height -This species has an average mature height of 100-200 feet, and the trunk usually spans a diameter of 3-6 feet. The spread of the tree has been known to reach approximately 25' when the tree has reached its maturity. 


Bloom Season: Bald cypress trees are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves during the winter months. Their bloom season is found within March and April when the trees shed and spread their pollen. While seeds are produced every year, the trees often produce the best and heartiest seeds every 3 to 5 years. 


Sun or Shade -These trees thrive in full sun. That indicates that the trees should receive direct sunlight for at least six hours a day to reach their maximum growth and health. With a mixture of direct sunlight and loamy, moist soil, these trees will continue to grow and thrive through their years of life.

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