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Arrowwood Viburnum Live Stake

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Arrowwood Viburnum Live Stake is a beautiful flowering shrub.,

Hardy Planting Zone - 3 to 9

 Bloom Season - Summer

 Bloom Color - White for its flowers

 Height at Maturity - 6 to 10 feet

 Soil Type Preferred - Dry to medium wet soil

 Sun or Shade - Full shade, partial shade, and sun


Arrowwood Viburnum live stakes are popular shrubs that plant-enthusiasts regard for their slightly asymmetrical shape, beautiful leaves... 

Its leaves are in a shape that somewhat resembles a heart, which might be fitting given that many love the plant for its appearance. 

While its leaves remain a shiny green in the summer, they turn either yellow, red, or reddish-purple in the fall, as most leaves do.

 Given that the foliage of the arrowwood viburnum live stakes cover everything up, it's no surprise that the gray bark is hidden away from view. Plant lovers may look for arrowwood viburnum live stakes around the Eastern Coast of both the United States of America and Canada. Still, anyone that wants to plant shrubs of their own won't have any problem growing them in their garden.

  The extension to arrowwood viburnum live stakes is the flowers that serve as both decoration and bird attraction. They blossom into a beautiful shade of white that looks almost creamy in appearance, and they also stand out amongst all of the green that makes up the rest of the shrub. They're also great for making the plant look a little nicer when used as a privacy divider (mainly when fences are out of the question). There are even small berries that are edible for humans despite lacking a good amount of fruit flesh. The best part of this shrub is its compatibility with other garden plants, making for a visually unique garden when put alongside other viburnum shrubs.

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