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Appalachian Sedge

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Appalachian Sedge thrives in hardy zones 3-7.

Appalachian Sedge 

Hardy Planting Zone - 3-9

 Bloom Season - Spring

 Bloom Color - Yellow/white

 Height at Maturity - 12in

 Soil Type Preferred - Dry

 Sun or Shade - Full sun, shade, or partial shade

 The Appalachian sedge is a highly hearty grass that serves as perfect ground cover, even in the most challenging conditions.

 This grassy sedge forms tight clumps with long, weeping greenery. Their light foliage blows in the wind, giving it an ethereal, almost water-like appearance and texture.

 Appalachian sedges are low-maintenance plants that are hearty enough to grow in just about any environment. 

They're even hardy enough to withstand light foot traffic. Suitable in any amount of sunlight, Appalachian sedges will survive just about anywhere they are planted.

 The Appalachian sedge has shallow water and soil requirements. They can thrive in dry soil for longer than other groundcovers, making them ideal for dry conditions. They can even grow in inhospitable soils such as clay.

 These sedges flower in May and produce light, feathery blooms that extend above the plant's head. Appalachian sedges can grow, giving them a soft appearance, or can be trimmed to produce a spikier, tighter look.

 Due to their dense root structure, Appalachian sedges can control soil erosion in regions with loose, dry soil or on sloped surfaces. They can also be used to make stepped retaining walls appear more natural.

 Appalachian sedges can grow to 18" across; however, they will never grow past about 6" tall. They should be considered in places that require a low, tight ground cover with soft edges and larger spreads. They are a perfect filler between other flowering plants or interspersed in a rock garden. They can also serve as the ideal backdrop for annual blooms.

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