Anemone Hepatica

Anemone Hepatica

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Anemone Hepatica the Liverleaf, Noble Liverwort, and Crystal Wort are common names for this shade perennial."

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Anemone Hepatica is an herb as it was used to treat liver disorders in early settlers and native Americans.

In large doses, the Anemone Hepatica is poisonous, but Anemone Hepatica can also be used in small doses for a diuretic, astringent, or as a demulcent that is a coating for slow healing injuries. Anemone Hepatica has a tolerance to alkaline limestone-derived soils, and winter snow cover, but much less with dry frost. The Anemone Hepatica will be covered with violet and blue flowers adding the different color to the area. This perennial is used often as a ground cover or for rock walls, pathway borders, and rock gardens. Anemone Hepatica may also be planted in containers for deck areas to add an attractive look with the colorful flowers. Anemone Hepatica will work great in various soils and is also resistant to disease.

The bloom time will be in early spring, late winter, and rarely may it bloom in the middle of spring. Being a perennial plant and reproducing from a rhizome makes this plant an unusual investment giving you more plants that will return each year. Anemone Hepatica will also give you the beautiful look of the gorgeous leaves, and flowers that are produced. Being a part of the buttercup family means gorgeous flowers and foliage are sure to produce each year. It is also considered a slow-growing plant that could take several years to reach the maximum height of 6 to 12 inches. The light requirements for this plant, Anemone Hepatica, are from partial sun to full sunlight, and the different flowers will react to the sunlight by only opening up on sunny days.

Climate Zone: 3 to 9
Mature Height: 6 to 12 inches
Mature Width: Ground Cover
Sunlight: Partial to Full Sun
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Anemone Hepatica