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American Sycamore Tree

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American Sycamore Tree  does withstand urban pollutants and can thrive in urban areas. In southeastern regions of the United States, the Tree does well in rain gardens or other areas with moisture. I

American Sycamore reaches heights between 80 to 130 feet tall

The sycamore tree is a fast-growing deciduous tree that is native to eastern parts of the United States. The Plantanus occidental is the American sycamore with heights between 80-130 feet tall. It has a massive spread of branches that make the tree almost as wide as tall. The faint light green leaves with 3-5 lobes will vary in the number of teeth, or points, that are on the 4-7 inch longleaf. The large leaves make it the perfect shade tree option with brown leaves for fall color. The blooms of a brown ball-formation seedpod appear in spring and vary in color depending on the variety. Many trees have a single ball that develops on a thin twig-like branch, while other varieties have two. This characteristic of the sycamore tree is only one of the interests the tree creates. It has bark that sheds.

American Sycamore is hardy in zones 4 through 9

As the tree grows, it can have colors from green to dark brown because of the tree's shedding process as it grows. The branches on the top of the tree are white. It is hardy from zones 4-9. It will grow well in most pH levels as long as it is in well-drained deep rich soil. It is common to see the sycamore tree along banks of trees. Partly due to the seed balls falling from the tree and finding a spot along the bank downstream to set roots. The Plantus racemosa is a variety of sycamore that is native to California areas. The characteristics of the tree are similar, but the California variety has a maroon-red ball that appears in spring, and the fall colors are more a yellowish-reddish orange blend. The sycamore is a large shade tree that will cover a large area of the yard.


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