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  • American Beech Tree grows to be 50-70 feet at maturity.
American Beech Tree grows to be 50-70 feet at maturity.

    American Beech Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone – USDA 3-9  Bloom Season – Early winter, mid-winter, late winter, early fall, mid-fall, and late fall Bloom Color – Inconspicuous Height at Maturity – 50 to 70 feet Soil Type...

  • American Elm Trees are Stately Shade Trees.
American Elm Trees are a fairly fast growing

    American Elm Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone – The American elm (Ulmus Americana) tree can be planted in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 9. This covers almost all of the United States into Canada.   Bloom Season – American elms start to...

  •  Black Oak Tree are surprisingly a part of the red oak family.  Black Oak Tree tend to be slow-growing; they usually only grow between 18-22 inches a year.

    Black Oak Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone- Plant in zones 3-9 for best growth.  Bloom Season - Spring.  Bloom Color - Red or yellowish-green.  Height at Maturity - 50-60 feet.  Soil Type Preferred- Prefers acidic, moist soil.  Sun...

  • Black raspberries grow best in well drained soil. Black raspberries have a short growing season.

    Black Raspberry


      Black raspberries are a variety close to red raspberries that are native to North America.  Despite their name, black raspberries are not considered to be berries. They are classified as aggregate fruit made up of tiny bumps, also known as...

  • Black willow trees grow in wetland areas.
Black willow trees grow best in hardy zones 3-9.

    Black Willow Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone- Black Willow trees will grow virtually anywhere, but they thrive best in USDA growing zones 3 through 9  Bloom Season - Black Willow bloom during early to mid-spring (March & April Bloom Color -During the bloom...

  • Box Elder Tree is a type of maple tree native to North America that can be found in various places throughout the heart of both the United States and Canada. 
Box Elder Tree is a very low-maintenance tree and is well-adapted to many different types of soils.

    Box Elder Tree


    Box Elder Tree    Hardy Planting Zone - 4-9  Bloom Season - April-May  Bloom Color - Yellow  Height at Maturity - 30-50 feet  Soil Type Preferred - sandy loam  Sun or Shade -...

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    Cedar Trees grows best planted in zones 5-8.
Cedar trees are large, upright evergreen trees.

    Cedar Tree


      Hardy Planting Zone - California incense cedar grows in zones 5 through 8 but is best in zones 6 and 7. Eastern red cedar grows in zones 3 through 9. Western red cedar grows best in zones 6 through 8  Bloom Season -...

  • Chestnut Oak Trees grows best in Hardy Zones 4-7.
Chestnut Oak Trees will grow 60 to 70 feet at maturity.

    Chestnut Oak Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone – The chestnut oak tree grows well in the USDA - Zones 3 through 9, covering a large portion of the United States.   Bloom Season – Chestnut oaks will bloom in early to mid-May, depending on...

  • Crab apple have green leaves while others have leaves that are shades of purple. Crab apple have green leaves while others have leaves that are shades of purple.

    Crab Apple Tree


    Crab Apple Tree  The crabapple genus includes around 35 species and several cultivars. Flowers bloom on the tree during spring. The flowers range in color from crisp white to a deep purplish-red. Crabapple trees with large fruit are appealing if...

  • Dogwood tree is somewhat drought- and disease-resistant, which makes it easy to grow.
Dogwood Tree prefers at least 4 hours of direct sunlight daily, and under ideal conditions, can grow between 1 and 2 feet per year.

    Dogwood Tree


    Dogwood Tree  The Dogwood tree is a beautiful sight to behold, with over 50 species found within the Dogwood genus.  Our Dogwood Trees will adapt well in most areas of the country, provided they have plenty of sunshine and water. Some...

  • Elderberry tree can provide a gorgeous ornamental tree for your garden.
Elderberry tree make a perfect privacy hedge or ornamental tree to accent your garden.

    Elderberry Tree


    Elderberry Tree    Hardy Planting Zone - Zones 3-10 Blooming Season - Spring and Summer Bloom Color - Blue or purple, with white flowers Height at Maturity - 20 feet Soil type - Moist soil, although dry, can be...