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  • Barnyard grass is an annual grassy weed.
Barnyard grass  can spread throughout your lawn with abandon.

    Barnyard Grass


      Barnyard Grass grows in wet soils and full sunlight. These are some of the conditions that make it suitable for hardy planting zones between 4 and 10. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map shows the various regions that offer...

  • Bell Wort Plant  is  edible, and many people have said that its leaves taste a bit like asparagus. Bell Wort Plant  is  edible, and many people have said that its leaves taste a bit like asparagus.

    Bell Wort Plant


    Bell Wort Plant - Uvularia grandiflora is hardy in zones 3 through 7 The bellwort plant can be an excellent addition to a yard, given its yellow flowers and delicate appearance. It grows well in USDA zones three through seven, and it prefers partial sun...

  • Birds foot violet are spring bloomers. Birds foot violet grows best in hardiness zones 3-9

    Bird's Foot Violet


    The Bird's Foot Violet grows well in zones 4 to 8 but can grow in zones outside of these ranges. These zones include states along the northern border of the country, such as Montana and North Dakota. The zones also include states located in the center...

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    Black Chokeberry prefer moist to wet soil conditions.
Black Chokeberry grows best when planted in hardy zones 3-9.

    Black Chokeberry


    Black Chokeberry     Hardy Planting Zones: 3 - 9  Bloom Season: Spring  Bloom Color: White  Height at Maturity: 36 Inches To 72 Inches  Soil Type Preferred - Moist To Wet  Sun or Shade -...

  • Black Cohosh plant is a woodland perrennial.
Black Cohosh makes your garden a visually appealing and relaxing space.

    Black Cohosh


    Black cohosh, also known as Squaw root, is a woodland perennial and yields tiny white flowers in the spring.  Some plants have green or vibrant yellow flowers.  The plant needs full shade to grow and is ideal for hardiness zones 3-9...

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    Black Haw Viburnum grows best when planted in hardy zones 3-9
Black Haw Viburnum provides shelter and food to a variety of birds.

    Black Haw Viburnum


    Hardy Planting Zone – USDA zones 3 through 9  Bloom Season – April, May Bloom Color – White Height at Maturity – 12 to 36 feet Soil Type Preferred – Moist Sun or Shade – Full...

  • Black Oak Seedlings produces acorns that attract wildlife.
Black Oak Seedlings can reach heights of 82-118 feet at maturity.

    Black Oak Seedlings


    Hardy Planting Zone- USDA Zone 3 through 9  Bloom Season – The leaves bloom in April and turn dark brown, orange, and red before dropping off the tree in the fall. The maturity of nuts is from October to early November. Nut production...

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     Black Oak Tree are surprisingly a part of the red oak family.  Black Oak Tree tend to be slow-growing; they usually only grow between 18-22 inches a year.

    Black Oak Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone- Plant in zones 3-9 for best growth.  Bloom Season - Spring.  Bloom Color - Red or yellowish-green.  Height at Maturity - 50-60 feet.  Soil Type Preferred- Prefers acidic, moist soil.  Sun...

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    Black raspberries grow best in well drained soil. Black raspberries have a short growing season.

    Black Raspberry


      Black raspberries are a variety close to red raspberries that are native to North America.  Despite their name, black raspberries are not considered to be berries. They are classified as aggregate fruit made up of tiny bumps, also known as...

  • Black willow trees grow in wetland areas.
Black willow trees grow best in hardy zones 3-9.

    Black Willow Stakes


    Black Willow Stakes are often minor, but they can grow as tall as 100 feet.  They are trees that form multiple trunks and grow mainly in the eastern region of the United States. Black Willow Stakes has long, bright green leaves and brown flowers...

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    Black willow trees grow in wetland areas.
Black willow trees grow best in hardy zones 3-9.

    Black Willow Tree


    Hardy Planting Zone- Black Willow trees will grow virtually anywhere, but they thrive best in USDA growing zones 3 through 9  Bloom Season - Black Willow bloom during early to mid-spring (March & April Bloom Color -During the bloom...

  • Blazing Star  is valued in the home landscape for keeping gardens looking lively as other flowering plants begin to languish.
Blazing Star is a perennial plant that is known for its distinct purple color and grass-like foliage.

    Blazing Star


    Blazing Star - Liatris requires rich, well-drained to dry soil to thrive Liatris, or Blazing Star, as it is more commonly known, is a gorgeous perennial. Its flowers are grown on an unusual spike-shaped cylinder and come in blue, pink, lavender,...