Alba White Oak

Alba White Oak

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Alba White Oak is a native oak tree. This pre-eminent hardwood is found growing in almost all hardwood forests in the eastern North America, growing from the northern sections of Canada to the northern parts of Florida, and even some in Texas.

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Alba White Oak - QUERCUS ALBA

Alba White Oak Tree - Quercus Alba

White Oak Trees grow to be between 70 and 100 feet tall at maturity and do best in full sun. They can live for as long as 300 years. White Oaks can adapt to almost any type of soil and are storm and wind resistant. This tree blooms in spring and early summer. Alba White Oak can live extremely long lives - they can even live for centuries. This tree is massive and can grow up to one hundred feet high, and its trunk can have a diameter of up to six feet. This huge tree grows slowly - generally at a rate of about two feet per year. Although called a white oak (alba) it is unusual to find one with white bark. The bark is generally a light gray. It's an excellent shade tree for your yard or a park, provided you have a large enough space for it to grow. Too large for your space? See our other trees. The Alba White Oak grows best in deep, moist well-drained soils, although it is adaptable to many other types. It prefers full sun. It has springtime leaves that look delicate and have a pinkish silvery sheen to them. These later turn into a dark green color in the summer months. In the fall months, these leaves turn to shades of orange, red and burgundy, providing excellent fall color. The density of the foliage and large limbs of these trees makes it a preferred tree for birds to nest. These trees also produce small acorns which feed many types of wildlife, especially during the cold winter months. It is the state tree of Illinois, Maryland, and Connecticut.
Climate Zone: 3 to 9
Mature Height: 70 - 100 Feet
Mature Width: 40 - 60 Feet
Sunlight: Full Sunlight
Soil Conditions: Adaptable  
Ships As: Bareroot Plant
Alba White Oak