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Acorns grow the towering Oak Tree.

Hardy Planting Zone - 3 to 9

 Bloom Season - May for the bloom season (September for the acorn drop)

 Bloom Color - Green in the Spring, Red in the fall (Light Brown for the acorns)

 Height at Maturity - 60 to 75 feet (1 to 6 centimeters for the Acorns)

 Soil Type Preferred - Acidic (ph of 4 to 7)

 Sun or Shade - Full Sun or Part-Shade


The Red Oak (aka Quercus rubra) is part of a large tree family across North America.

 Southern and central states in the US and southeast and south-central provinces in Canada contain northern red oak trees. The height is already impressive as it grows up to 75 feet, but the spread of the tree's branches reaches nearly 45 feet by the time it matures. Additionally, northern red ak trees grow up to 2 feet per year within a decade, meaning they will reach the height limit within 70 years. Those looking to transplant them will find red oak trees much easier to work with, and the rewarding part of the task is the sight of blue jays and squirrels enjoying their new tree.

  One detail that makes Northern Red Oak trees unique is their acorns, small nuts that grow from the branches and drop to the ground near the fall.

Acorns attract squirrels all over the states due to their taste and the amount they store for hibernation.

 They're even better at eating them than other species are due to their teeth. While acorns are certainly recognizable to many, especially in cartoons where squirrel characters associate themselves with the nut in question, human consumption may not be entirely suitable at first glance. Acorns consist of tannin, a chemical that gives off a bitter taste, repelling other animals and insects away. This is reminiscent of how holy berries are toxic for humans to eat, though it is possible to leach acorns and remove the tannin before eating them.

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