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18" Large Wood Planter

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18" Large Wood Planter

18" Large Wood Planter are great for gardening in an area with little space. Not only is it effective it can be also beautiful in almost any area. It can be added to porches or balconies in an area with no backyard and still give the homeowner the garden feel. There are no few limitations on plants that can effectively grow in these containers. They are great for both flowering plants or vegetable or fruit plants. These can also effectively be used in a garden. By planting flowering plants with vibrant colors and can easily become the focal point of any garden and connect the garden feel with the house. This large wood planter will be sure to have enough space to grow a great variety of plants in. Due to its ability in holding more soil plants tend to thrive better in the larger wood planters due to water moisture being able to stay in the soil longer.

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