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Carex Appalachian should be planted in part or entirely shaded areas in dry, neutral soil to grow best. Carex Appalachian should be planted in part or entirely shaded areas in dry, neutral soil to grow best.

Carex Appalachian


Appalachian Sedge- Carex Appalachia is a low maintenance plant Appalachian sedge is a native to the United States. The graceful sedge is perfect for growing on masses, slopes, or as a lawn...

Carex Pennsylvanica often grow in a creeping manner around oak trees.  Carex Pennsylvanica  is easy to grow and low maintenance.

Carex Pennsylvanica


Carex Pennsylvanica - Pennsylvania Sedge Plugs Growing Guide  This sedge plant makes an excellent addition to garden spaces where it is difficult to get other plants to grow. Because it is used...

Partridgeberry Plant  prefers humus-rich, acidic soil with a pH of 6.8 or below. Partridgeberry Plant  prefers humus-rich, acidic soil with a pH of 6.8 or below.

Partridgeberry Plant


Partridgeberry’s binomial name is Mitchella repens The Partridgeberry has shiny green leaves that produce tiny trumpet-shaped flowers with white petals. That is where the berries grow, and they are...

Purple Violets  has deep purple blooms in spring and summer. Purple Violets can be used to treat acne, psoriasis, and eczema when created into an ointment. .

Purple Violets


Purple Violets blooms in the spring with its signature 5-petal flowers Purple violets are a classic flower that would make a beautiful addition to any landscape. A garden full of these plants would...

Largeleaf Phlox  is an excellent plant for shady gardens. Largeleaf Phlox  has large leaves and showy pink flowers that bloom from late spring through early fall.

Largeleaf Phlox


Largeleaf Phlox is also known as the garden phlox How to Plant Largeleaf Phlox      Also known as Phlox amplifolia, this is a perennial plant that makes an excellent garden flower...

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Mandi Stark

Discovery Production Wildlife

As part of a new series for the Discovery channel, we wanted to film buds opening with time-lapse photography. Tammy completely understood what we needed, the time deadline we were up against, and the problems we had previously encountered with suppliers. Filming for Discovery always means going that extra mile - Tammy immediately identified trees perfect for our needs and shipped and got them to the set on time, arriving in excellent condition; they were ready for us to begin filming!


Sigrid Gray

Director of Horticulture, The Battery Conservancy

We love Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Everything we have received in the past is alive and doing well in Battery's 5-acres of perennial gardens.


Giovanni Landscaping

Long Island, NY

We love the Nursery stock you sent me; they were as advertised, both healthy and good sized.


Doug Bowmer

Bridgeton, CT

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding customer service. My plants arrived in just three days, and they exceeded my expectations. T.N. Nursery had the lowest price, fast delivery, and great service!

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